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Wednesday, May 28

Guess Who Is Coming to Make Dinner, Joan Roca

Introduction to the Roca family (translated from Spanish by Harvard University, listed below in post)
As I try to master (or at least minor) the art of cooking (in small places), noted chefs, Joan Roca, and his brothers, Jordi (pastry chef) and Josep (wine expert, sommelier), from the restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca in TaialĂ , Spain (near Girona) are coming to Houston August 4-6, 2014 at the Rienzi (MFAH house museum for European decorative arts and paintings in River Oaks) to show 300 select individuals what magical foods that they can create (including new version of chili con carne or make ice cream with breathe with yeast).

Pictures from August 4 meal at the Rienzi from Houston Chronicle (14 courses) from Alison Cook

Second set of Pictures from Culture Map Houston, Eric Sandler
Opening dish of tapas is presented as a tree with a black lantern canopy that opens to reveal the gifts of a tiny taco, and more delicious bites.

Featuring Spanish wines: Vega SiciliaGramona, Grans Muralles and Mas La Plana from Bodegas Torres

They are also bringing their restaurant and 20 workers to Dallas for 2 days as well.  Then continue to Central and South America. 

Two students from Art Institute of Houston, International Cooking program, and two students from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Art in Dallas will be selected to go to Spain and apprentice under the Roca brothers in their restaurant.

Thanks to the BBVA Compass Bank.

Roca & Roll World Tour

Thursday, May 23

Walkin' on my Hands

I'd stand on my hands for a good drink too.
Here we go.  Ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Now we are not your average Memorial Day weekend party-ers.  We take it to a whole different level.

Sitting back and consuming large amounts of quickly produced beer called american lager with no flavor, or drinking from the dogs water bowl.  That would be a hard one to decide.  It may depend on if the dogs eat anything today.

Well all funny business aside.  Good and Great Beers are no longer in short supply.

Saturday, April 28

Me upon my Pony on my Boat

I miss owning a pony.  It is a lot of work to care for them, so our life on the boat is not conducive to owning a horse again.  But at least each year I get to go back by watching the Pageantry of the Horses on TV.

Friday, February 17

Boat and Smoke Alarm with fried Salmon Croquette

The dogs and I are having a quiet evening on the boat with them praying that I drop something. Fried Salmon in the air, pasta in boiling water, heated up enhanced Amy's Tomato soup, all while keeping mosquitoes at bay. Right when everything is done, the smoke alarm started going off.

All my focus is to get through the dogs to stop the smoke alarm, and to open hatches as I go. Apparently I just reached the smoke point for olive oil. I now remembered the last time that I fried croquettes, the smoke alarm went off too. Next time remove the battery before I fry croquettes, because leaving the stove is far more dangerous.

Tuesday, January 17

Cool Temperatures means Shrimp Boil

The fire is too big for this boil.
During Game Day in Clemson, SC we shared the tailgate version of seafood stew known as Frogmore Stew (shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage, lemon, spices).  The Stew's history dates back to the fisherman and labors cooking big pots along the (Frogmore community) South Carolina shores for their fellow workers and family.

Now it is a BIG southern tradition. 

Thursday, December 15

From my Galley to Yours

Practice our favorite recipes in your galley (over water or land) and download cooking basics and recipes below for later use.
ziti noodles, homemade tomato sauce, saute zucchini, beef medallions
A novice cook tries to transcend her hungry crew to a tasty paradise.

Crossing the rough waters of Matagorda Bay at lunchtime, I tried out my cooking skills in the galley. I should have tied my waist somehow to the galley. Even with an L-shaped galley I struggled to stay balanced. 

Wednesday, November 23

Gentlemen, We Have Boat Drinks

Quote from a Movie, Things to do in Denver When You're Dead
Perfected the Margarita
First try for Margaritas
Whatever season comes, boat drinks bring us to the sunny tropics. No umbrellas or silly tiki glasses needed. Pineapple juice, orange juice, limes, rum, coconut, cherries, or tequila is all you need, and you are on the white Kona Beaches of Hawaii or any Caribbean Island.