Many of these dishes I try to duplicate.  From vegetarian to omnivore I have come full circle and know what is good.

  1. Science Hill Inn, Shelbyville, 502-633-2825, must try their hot water rolls and their biscuit pudding (bread pudding)
  2. Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, 3501 Lexington Rd  Harrodsburg, 800-734-5611 x360, cornbread
  3. Beaumont Inn, 638 Beaumont Inn Dr, Harrodsburg, 800-352-3992
  4. Hall's on the River, 1225 Athens Boonesboro Rd, Winchester, 859-527-662, beer cheese
South Carolina
  1. 1826 On The Green, on the square, Pendleton 864-646-5500
  2. Liberty Hall Inn, closed, Pendleton
  1. Dillard House 768 Franklin St, Dillard, 800-541-067, come hungry
  1. Mark's,  closed, bourbon pecan crusted chicken stuffed with asparagus, cheese, Pinfold red wine
  2. Brennan's, 3300 Smith St, Houston, 713-522-9711, bread pudding souffle
  3. Rainbow Lodge, 2011 Ella Blvd, Houston, 713-861-8666, Rainbow Trout and Elk
  4. Charivari, 2521 Bagby, Houston, 713-521-7231, creamy garlic soup must share with bed partner
  5. Red Lion, 2316 Shepherd, Houston, 713-782-3030, hamburger's flavor has not been duplicated, fish and mash
  6. Rioja, closed, Houston, tapas and Rioja wines (Marqués de Cácere)
  7. Cafe Caspian, 12126 Westheimer Rd #116, Houston, 281-493-4000, persian bread
  8. Cock and Bull Pub, closed, used to have pesto dressing for their salad (delicious) under Chef Daniel, found out that Newcastle Beer is the only beer to use battering cod and deep frying.
  9. Food Shark, 120 North Highland Ave, Marfa, hummus
    (special mention to the Hayter House in Nacogdoches, short lived but great rainbow trout)

  1. Mama Hamil's, 480 Magnolia St, Madison, 601-856-4407, desserts
  2. Mammy's Cupboard, 555 Hwy 61 S, Natchez, 601-445-8957, lunch and pies
  1.  Fleming's Steakhouse, 6333 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, 480-596-8265, perfect beef wellington
  • (special mention to Mary Elaines at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, closed but the best service, 5 stars- made a veggie meal off the menu)
Hawaii (Hawaii, Big Island)
  1. Fish Hopper, 75-5683 Alii Dr, Kailua Kona, 808-326-200, zombies and laulau
Hawaii (Oahu)
  1. House Without a Key, 2199 Kalia Rd, Honolulu 808-923-2311
Italy (Florence)
  • on a group trip we went to a traditional style dinner.  Baked ziti was the best with lots of herbs, tomato sauce, and cheeses.  Repeated and loved by all.
Most chefs may be trying to kill me with too large of portions, over salting, using a microwave (hard on the outside and burning on the inside), too much cheese, too much sauce, over cooking pasta, burning my mouth, too much fat/ tough meat on the huge plate, and a little bad bacteria.
These cooks or chefs did it right so praise them.

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