Canine Crew

Welcome our newest canine crew, Jefferson, AKC, Grey Weimaraner, loved his Whitley, cuddling, food, toys especially with loud squeakers, jumping, licking in the mouth, being with his family, antlers, treats, kongs, dog parks, breweries, being by the fresh water not in it. Training words: sit, stay, raise paw, turnaround, lie down, crawl, quiet.  Is a big boy. Dolphin scared him as a puppy when 12 dolphins came to see Whitley. Born April 19, 2017.

At the Helm 8 years old

In Memory of WhitleyA long, happy, and active life up until nearly the end, 15 years 3 months old. AKC, Female Red Golden Retriever, Grownup Daily Puppy of the Day, Gold Ribbon Rescue June 2008 Calendar Dog, featured in Firehouse Dog DVD (her puppy photo), trained using Delta Society procedures, first camping/ canoe/ sail trip at 8 weeks old, and attempted helmsman at 8 years with help from the autohelm. Loved sailing in Galveston and Trinity Bay during Mothers Day weekend May 2018. 
For her, she loved the cooler temperatures even the snow, the wind flapping her ears, and getting the birds off the pier. Training words: raise paw, shake paw, wave, high five, lie down, sit, stay, speak, inside voice, sing, dolphin, birds, lizard, friend, wait, sound of a motor boat, and most important, WAKE (stood and spread her paws to take the wave).  She was born March 3, 2003 and departed our lives Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 1:15 am after a stroke in her right hemisphere of her brain the day before.

In Memory of Bud: Rescue, 14 3/4 years old, Male, Yellow Labrador Retriever Mixed maybe Weimaraner, Petsmart training graduate, protector of the boat; loves food, dog parks, tennis balls, and his family. For him, the temperature must be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise time to move south. Training words: sit, stay, shake paw, timeout, down below. Unknown birthday so is given 2-1-01 but died on 10-16-15 surrounded by his sailing crew family.

"On the boat we enjoy watching Firehouse Dog for obvious reasons (Whitley's picture is in it), Red Dog (book and wonderful movie), Lassie, Hiachi, and  Marley and Me (book and funny, sweet movie) when the owners are away and to silence any fireworks or socials."

Fresh water lake to get him to swim, good luck
Dolphin spit water  from their blowholes on Jefferson, now scaried of dolphins and the sound

Big grey creatures live in the water
Whitley on picnic table far from shore, Redfish Island, in Galveston Bay

Preparing for a Lobster Boil at HYC
rafting up at Redfish Island with Sasquatch

Cooling down in a Shower
Bud in his Doggles
Chillin' around the Salon table
Headed for her first Gulf of Mexico sailing voyage
Bud needs some sunglasses

Much better
Shuttle arrives from Florida, and see the little girl coming to see us.

I can see everything here!

Even the birds on the line.
Snoozing and Cruising, how best to pass the hours to our destinations.
Trying to swim in the sand in Colorado. "If there is a beach, then where is the water."
2008 when we were 7 (Bud) and 5 (Whitley) years old
2014, August 18, Bud at 13 years old
Whitley at 11 year old, guiding the captain into Offatts Bayou and Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas
No fear in sailing after facing our first squall
Whitley, Golden Retriever sailor, the making of the perfect sailing dog on the Rez, Ross Barnett Reservoir
2015, 14 year old Bud resting on a hot June morning on the sailboat (comfy bulky bed).
Never give up on our canine crew.
Video: Dogs Motoring to Galveston for the weekend see dolphins, sunken ship, music: mix of "Rumor Has It" by Adele

Off to Sea:
  • Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets, rated best by BoatUS Foundation (used by us for 12 years even puppy stage, see picture above)
  • Sturdy Dog Boots on the hot concrete, and stickers in the grass, remove often to dry feet and boots, since dogs sweat through their paws.
  • Sun Doggles with Bud's vision problems and age (does not fit a retrievers faces) (saltwater is good for his eyes, said Dr. Herrmann)
  • Up to date on their shots
  • Upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the oriental rugs (Labs shed more) in dock box or locker.
  • Thick padded mats for the dogs versus bulky beds.
  • Time out area...
  • Healthy treats that do not attract bugs (carrots)
  • Dog Water bowl, new plastic collapsible one
  • Fake grass carpet (we are trying) for emergency bathroom breaks.
Favorite Dog Sites:
Boneyard Bar/ Park, VERY SAD-closed November 30, 2014
IN MEMORIAM OF NATASHA BAYTOP: taken from us on Marc 23, 2003 at less than two years old light Golden Retriever.  A "born to sail" dog, sweet potato queen dog, and Bud's first sailing partner on a 23' hunter sailboat on a lake in Mississippi. Now her remains are a part of the water that we sail.

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