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Friday, April 10

Wedded Bliss for another Sailor

Groom's Cake from Kemah, German Chocolate cake chest of jewels
Oh what a joyous celebration there was in Galveston as we witnessed the joining together two wonderful sailors in wedded bliss.  No detail was missed.  We were so grateful to be invited to their beautiful wedding and rollicking party with boat themes, dinner, dancing, and much merriment into the late hours of the night.

Two sailors who share the love of adventure, exploration, and excitement have only started their voyage together.  They complement and adore each other that I foresee great joy together for them.

Monday, March 25

Tuesday, October 9

There Will Be Wine

On Autumnal Equinox, there was a fierce battle of the wines from California and Texas.  No one knew what they were tasting.  Glasses are knocked about, clothes were stained, and mouths were filled with tasty gourmet delights.  Dump buckets were filled at each station with water and wine.  The water pitchers were there for cleaning the cups or palates.  Water crackers were snatched up at each table which kept me busy filling them up.  People wandered from wine rooms and stations.

Clearly some people just preferred whites over reds or reds over whites.  Those white wine loves stayed at the white wine tables for a hour before moving on. 

Rosle Vegetable Chopper (Google Affiliate Ad)

Monday, July 16

Boobs, Tubes, & Brisket

Lone Star Restaurant, sell beer in cases to go, ice cream, breakfast at 8:30am but the last rental tubes is at 5:30pm.

Vacation from the boat life to New Braunfels, this was our first time tubing the Guadapule so we tried the shorter 1.5 hour route with deep areas to swim and hang on the tubes while Whitley swims between us and pulls me to shore (she didn't need a tube).  Lone Star picks us all up at Roys, the second crossing.
  • The BEST Brisket, ribs, and sausage from City Market in Luling (potato salad from Schulenburg)
  • Homemade Hickory smoked brisket and bbq chicken from Bob and Dave (neighbors and B-days) 
  • Lil Kahuna , cabin across from the Lone Star Float House, (1 bedroom and bath, with 2 futon beds/sofas, dog friendly) 

Tuesday, June 26

Salut to former Latitudes and Attitudes

We will miss L&A and the sea serpent. We read and watched Latitudes and Attitudes magazine and TV show since 2009. We have grown to greatly admire Robert "Bob Bitchin" and Jody Lipkin and the whole L&A crew.

We met them first at TMCA Spring Fling 2011, second at Texas Boat Show in Kemah, and last at Southwest Boat Show in League City 2012. Bob looks and acts in person just how he appears on TV.

Saturday, April 28

Me upon my Pony on my Boat

I miss owning a pony.  It is a lot of work to care for them, so our life on the boat is not conducive to owning a horse again.  But at least each year I get to go back by watching the Pageantry of the Horses on TV.

Tuesday, March 20

Saturday, March 10

WineO on this boat...

Gimballed Wine Bottle Holder and glasses from
With the big wine party in September where you dress like your favorite Californian, I have gathered some great info on wines.  Good quality wines on our boat is a necessity, and of course, good for our health. Quality is most important, not trumped up prices. If a good Argentina or box wine is 7 bucks, then it is mine. Great wines are produced all over: US, Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, Middle East, China. Do not waste my time or taste buds on bad wines.

Monday, December 19

For Our Shortest Cruise We Had a Ball

We disconnected from shore power, pulled away from our slip, and motored over to the adjacent marina, Lakewood Yacht Club for TMCA's Commodore Ball, where we stayed for the night at their transient slips.  What a blessing it was to be only a few feet to the party.  We (got gussied up) dressed in the bathhouse by the pool with JT in his tuxedo and me in my glamor dress which had not been worn since 2003 (I couldn't believe that it still fits).  Kept the dogs at a distance since we did not want dog hair accessories.

Saturday, December 10

Christmas Lights and Boats in Clear Lake

December is here and time for sailboats, lights, and drinks...

Tonight, Dec 10, a new display of Clear Lake boat owners creativity. Past years we enjoyed the Snowman with music in sync with its FM music site, and prior the Christmas tree (that involved a couple major oops in navigation). While it would be fun to be in the parade, we will leave that to others. I do not see how you can navigate safely with all the lights; I guess rely on your nav. equipment. The crowds are here and the parties are beginning. Ready with the gloves, hats, lubrication to help ignore the cold. Not too bad with temperature tonight in overcast Seabrook, Texas. Our lights are on and ready for the fun.

Oh the parties were so fun, our favorite boat was the power boat with the Dancing Elvises and Show Girls. People had fire pits, served wine, good gumbo, and appetizers all night. We made the round to all the parties. The parade boats came around about four or more times. Out in Clear Lake we could see all the anchor lights of 15 or so sail boats rafted up to watch the parade.

Friday, November 4

Sailing to Double Bayou for Halloween

Double Bayou pasture 2010
Boat Camping in style, generator for TV and coffee pot

Heading out late Saturday morning, we sailed along with a fellow sailor across Galveston Bay to Double Bayou for Halloween party in a pasture. The day was beautiful, and winds were very cool (so we bundled up). The ship channel was incredibly heavy, and had to move fast to get across to the Trinity Bay side. We had heard on the radio of a collision in the Houston Ship Channel, which may have caused some of the backup. Collision in Houston Ship Channel.