Tuesday, June 14

Cruising to Bolivar and Offatts

Beautiful Spring Day at the Houston Yacht Club marina and ready to sail to the Texas coast.
HYC boat group shout at Laguna Harbor on Bolivar peninsular

Sleeping puppy statue at dog park in downtown Houston

Watching slow work on the updated piers in Moody Gardens marina
Delicious bread and crab cake appetizers at the Number 13 restaurant, Pelican Rest Marina
Sadly nothing happening at the Sea Scout Base on Offatts Bayou for Memorial Day weekend. Honor to our soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.  Beautiful place Mr. and Mrs. Doolin.

Enjoyed the excellent service and amenities at Pelican Rest, Captain's favorite marina now.

Found the perfect spot to protect from any waves or movement.

Do you have any carrots for me?

Enjoying the speed and wind on a lake in Mississippi

Regatta at Sea Scout Base

First time fishing, 13 years old, catching little fish in a pond by Zavalla, Texas for over an hour and cried when we left to hike to the old sawmill.  She could feed herself.  So proud.

She does not have to, since she gets carrots, green beans, and salmon food from her family.  After playing in the Pelican Rest Dog Park and soaking in the cement pond, she figured how she could get her body in a tub of water that was 1.5' by 1.5', circling into a ball.  So smart.  Soaked in there for 10 minutes.

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