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Thursday, May 23

Walkin' on my Hands

I'd stand on my hands for a good drink too.
Here we go.  Ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Now we are not your average Memorial Day weekend party-ers.  We take it to a whole different level.

Sitting back and consuming large amounts of quickly produced beer called american lager with no flavor, or drinking from the dogs water bowl.  That would be a hard one to decide.  It may depend on if the dogs eat anything today.

Well all funny business aside.  Good and Great Beers are no longer in short supply.

Tuesday, October 9

There Will Be Wine

On Autumnal Equinox, there was a fierce battle of the wines from California and Texas.  No one knew what they were tasting.  Glasses are knocked about, clothes were stained, and mouths were filled with tasty gourmet delights.  Dump buckets were filled at each station with water and wine.  The water pitchers were there for cleaning the cups or palates.  Water crackers were snatched up at each table which kept me busy filling them up.  People wandered from wine rooms and stations.

Clearly some people just preferred whites over reds or reds over whites.  Those white wine loves stayed at the white wine tables for a hour before moving on. 

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Tuesday, March 20

Saturday, March 10

WineO on this boat...

Gimballed Wine Bottle Holder and glasses from
With the big wine party in September where you dress like your favorite Californian, I have gathered some great info on wines.  Good quality wines on our boat is a necessity, and of course, good for our health. Quality is most important, not trumped up prices. If a good Argentina or box wine is 7 bucks, then it is mine. Great wines are produced all over: US, Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, Middle East, China. Do not waste my time or taste buds on bad wines.

Monday, December 19

For Our Shortest Cruise We Had a Ball

We disconnected from shore power, pulled away from our slip, and motored over to the adjacent marina, Lakewood Yacht Club for TMCA's Commodore Ball, where we stayed for the night at their transient slips.  What a blessing it was to be only a few feet to the party.  We (got gussied up) dressed in the bathhouse by the pool with JT in his tuxedo and me in my glamor dress which had not been worn since 2003 (I couldn't believe that it still fits).  Kept the dogs at a distance since we did not want dog hair accessories.

Wednesday, November 23

Gentlemen, We Have Boat Drinks

Quote from a Movie, Things to do in Denver When You're Dead
Perfected the Margarita
First try for Margaritas
Whatever season comes, boat drinks bring us to the sunny tropics. No umbrellas or silly tiki glasses needed. Pineapple juice, orange juice, limes, rum, coconut, cherries, or tequila is all you need, and you are on the white Kona Beaches of Hawaii or any Caribbean Island.

Saturday, November 12

Sailing Santa is Coming to H-Town Nov. 17

Sailing Santa, Saint Arnold's newest beer, a blend of the Elissa (India Pale Ale) and the Christmas ale, set sail (for sale) on November 17. Hooray for Saint Arnolds... only 3600 cases of 12, 22 oz. bottles (bombers).

Update: The brew master informed me that as they do for all Elissa IPA beer,
Saint Arnold is donating a portion of the proceeds of this beer to the Galveston Historical District for the ship.