Thursday, August 11

USODA Optimist National Championship Comes to HYC

First weekend 220 little sailboats set up and out into the Wuzzie Bay to race all afternoon from Wednesday until Sunday.  The concept of team racing in single-person sailboats was new to us.  We enjoyed watching the coordination, communication especially the many different languages, dedication, and intense competition by these children.  

USODA stands for the United State Optimist Dinghy Association for those under 16 years old.  

Safety officials, US Coast Guard, referees, judges, spectators, and volunteers motored around the different courses.  Our captain volunteered himself and our Boston Whaler to help with races.  One story was of the children from Spain using their native tongue to keep their strategy secret until one of judges spoke to them in their native tongue.  They asked what region of Spain that he was from.  Netherlands...

Second Weekend another group of 280 boats race all afternoon for four days as well.  The series of races were based on the first to cross the finishing line.

Our new (combined wood-plastic) wonderful walkway donated by a fellow sailor was completed and perfect for the children to walk the boats on little carts to Shell Beach for launching. No more tripping on popped up boards and the walkway was raised so no more under water at super high tide.  If you fall now, it is because you drank too much.  Keep your shoes on puppies because it can get a bit hot or run fast to the grass.

Sails, vendors, children, boats, tents, parents, and water containers covered the grounds.  The sun, heat, and humidity were merciless.  There was no wind to begin the day until the afternoon.  So swimming in the pool was the best option to cool down, but by the afternoon the water was too warm from the hot sun.  Up to the bar to cool down before heading to the sailboat with A/C and Whitley.  A whole new wait staff was hired to help serve all visitors.  They must have been stress since it was difficult to wiggle a smile out of the new servers. 

Sadly the Friday night social and happy hour had been cancelled.  The menu was very limited and the kitchen help seemed confused.  Hopefully these problems will be fixed after the Club settles back into its groove.

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