Tuesday, May 13

HYC Commodore's Cruise to Rockport

Whitley greets the locks on the Texas GIWW
Lock office on GIWW
ST MI 390, Texas
Crab Bayou
More damaged locks by the barges or tows

Water Tower on Galveston Island west end, good tower to practice dead reckoning with chart

Great fishing area, shallow, Crab Bayou

In Port O'Connor, marina at the Sanctuary
Whitley in Matagorda Harbor
Return of the Seaweed, Sargassum, on the Texas, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
Seaweed, Sargassum
Sargassum seaweed is an algae that grows in the Sargasso Sea and eventually drifts into the Gulf of Mexico, growing as it makes its journey. The currents return much of the seaweed to the Sargasso Sea, but some drifts into the nutrient-filled waters off the Texas Coast where it thrives.
Covered areas of West Mooring park
West Mooring Park in Sargent, TX (needs maintenance)
New home in Sargent on GIWW
Bridge tender communicated with sailboats and barges unlike Galveston RR bridge refuse to answer us on 16 or 9.
Pontoon Bridge near Caney Creek in Sargent
Barge ran into the locks
Reason to beware of barges when traveling the GIWW
In honor of Mister B, who could not make the trip due to weak legs and blindness
Sanctuary in Costa Grande in Port O'Connor
Homes and private boat houses at the Sanctuary
Ramp for residents at the Sanctuary
No wake area
Charlie's Fish Camp in Seadrift
No movement in the waterway, two feet deep in one spot, trust the magenta line on the chart not the channel markers
Clive Ranch, Welder Flats, shallow out of NOAA charted waterway

Man-made erosion control
New jetty by Aransas National Wildlife Area
Epic Seaweed, reminder of first cruise down the coast.
Seaweed, slowing our speed and heating up the engine.  Threw into reverse a few times to remove it
Windmill on GIWW
Danger Breakwater on north bank of Texas Intracoastal Waterway
Breakwaters by Crab Bayou, great fishing area
Mad Island Wildlife Management Area
Camper on the Texas Intracoastal Waterway near Mad Island and Dog Island
newer Commercial mooring east of Matagorda Bay on South Bank
Matagorda Bay west crossing to POC, fire on Matagorda peninsula

St. Christopher's Marina in Port O'Connor (POC)
Marina with 3 large sailboats by the GIWW in Port O'Connor
Entering the Sanctuary at Costa Grande, private island for residents (Port O'Connor)
Freeport front lighthouse along GIWW and Freeport Harbor Channel intersection with access to the Gulf
Rockport Yacht Club

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