Wednesday, March 9

Galveston Art Walk

 On Saturday March fifth, we left Whitley on the boat with a big cushy dog bed, water, and 'Law and Order' playing on TV.  We headed to Galveston to meet up with over a dozen of our close friends to sip wine, and stroll around downtown Galveston looking at beautiful works of art for sale.

At the elite Rooftop Bar of the Tremont Hotel we watched the sunset over beautiful downtown Galveston.  We lubricated our minds with wine and spirits, and coated our stomachs with fancy local cheeses, crispy table crackers, and halite-rich charcuterie.  Frank Billingsley, KPRC's weatherman, came by our table and gave us assurance of the night's cool weather forecast for the art stroll.

Heading out on our long stroll down 23rd Street, we stopped at a new pub-gallery called the Proletariat (Marxism term for working class, meaning selling their labor to live) and enjoyed some Goose Island beer from the GI representative while examining melted vinyl albums with hand and face imprints.  Onward to Post Office Street we meandered around five packed galleries with painting, sculptures, and photographs as they graciously gave out wine to sip (remember to tip if you sip):  
  1. Affaire d'Art
  2. Peck Art Gallery
  3. Vacation on Canvas
  4. Wiley Gallery, 2128 Postoffice St, (met James 'Jim' Phillips wood sculptor (Hurricane Ike killing 30,000 trees, national attention of Ike-wood sculptures, and his amazing talent with wood carving changed a hobby to a profession))
  5. Galveston Art League

Beginning our crew met at the Rooftop Bar at the Tremont Hotel for wine, appetizers, and spirits to open our minds for the Art Walk.
Ending the Art Walk for dinner at Trattoria La Vigna, enjoying their delicious homemade pasta, cherry tomato sauce, and more wine.
As we left Trattoria La Vigna (did we shut that place down for the night?), we walked around downtown Galveston a little more.  I introduced many to the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, (but they were closing down for the night) known for its history of promoting great singer/songwriters, like John Townes Van Zandt recordings, and the lawsuit from Starbucks Coffee to not sell Star Bock beer, crazy story.

Upon returning to the boat, the fog was rolling in and the check engine light popped on.  Luckily we made it to the marina and slip with no problem.  Whitley had built a bigger nest with the rugs, her cushy dog bed and her blanket.  She does entertain herself when we are away.  She ran to the car to help me figure out the problem.  Some VSC sensor was going off, and I was reading the manuals to find out how to fix it.  Best to solve the problem tomorrow, so we all headed to bed.

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